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Sample session

Pharmacy and Patient Care

Khusbu and Vibhuti are both pharmacists, professors, and are part of a family practice. In this session, Khusbu and Vibhuti gave students a flavor of what it is to be a pharmacist through a series of hands-on and analytical activities.

Students used mortar and pestle to grind peppercorn and turmeric and then made turmeric-pepper capsules. Khubu and Vibhuti played a game with them to make them familiar with scientific names of drugs and infections. They then worked in small groups to look at lists of drugs with indications and prices. Their job was to recommend the appropriate drug for a patient who had multiple health issues and monetary constraints. They felt like real professionals!

Khusbu and Vibhuti spoke to students about their backgrounds and what inspired them to become pharmacists. They both communicated a sense of giving back to the community through their family practice. They described some of the challenges they faced in helping patients. Students looked at patient profiles (For example: an old person with diabetes) and talked about what could come in the way of these patients complying with their regimen for medicines. Students could relate these issues to some of their own family members and neighbors. They then came up with creative ideas to help these patients take their medicines more regularly.

The session ended with another hands-on activity. Students carefully mixed together shea butter and essence oils with a popsicle stick to make their own lip balm.