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“FutureConnect effectively provides a valuable link from the professional community to the next generation of young people who are eager to learn and take on the world awaiting them. I can sincerely say I gained much more than I gave by participating”

– Fritz Desir
Design + Strategy Director, McKinsey & Company

“Future Connect is a project that provides much needed student exposure and encouragement essential for Intergenerational Mobility. A Brilliant and well designed endeavor that bridges a gap that education alone cannot provide!”

– Anitha Srinivasan
Division Chief of Breast Health Services, Metropolitan Hospital in New York City

“It was refreshing to develop a creative learning program for an eager and curious group of young learners. Within our specific session, students were receptive and engaged in learning about problem solving, health literacy, and the role of pharmacists in health care. I find the program incredibly valuable to our future professionals.”

– Khusbu Patel
Assistant Clinical Professor, Columbia University

“This is an impressive group of students. Their eyes light up when they are presented with new concepts and they learn the subject matter very quickly. They are eager to learn and are grateful for the opportunity to do so. I look forward to returning for round two!”

Jeswant Brahamanandam
Management Consultant, McKinsey & Company

“The experience of introducing kids to supply chain management was a rewarding and satisfying experience, mainly because it was likely the first time anyone had spoken to the kids about this topic. Looking back at the experience what really stood out was the high energy level in the classroom and I realized quickly that I had to engage the kids in a very hands-on way to be able to maintain and channel all of that energy towards learning. Of course, given the chance I would love to run another session.”

– Maruti Prasanna
Management Consultant, McKinsey & Company

“Spending an afternoon with the talented middle-schoolers was energizing. I spoke to them about Debating – and through the process, learned about their ambitions (one girl wanted to become the top lawyer in the country), learned about what drives them (a young lady spoke about making an impact in her community), and the creative ideas they brought to the fore. This doesn’t happen often – but I was surprised. Many, many times, during the course of three hours. They’re energetic, driven, and deeply committed to improving themselves and learning, under the watchful guidance of the inimitable and entrepreneurial Ms. Joshi. Spending time with these intelligent youngsters was energizing for me. Thank you, Charuta.”

– Priyanka Prakash
Management Consultant, McKinsey & Company

“I loved the energy the students brought to the session. They were highly engaged and curious to learn and explore new topics.

I was pleasantly surprised to see the level of detail the students wanted to go to during the session. For example, when discussing computer vision, a number of students wanted to understand the math that goes into creating a computer vision model.”

– Salil Sethi
Founder & CEO, Turing Tribe

“Wonderful program for the children that I had the pleasure of participating in. The organization and professionalism that Charuta and Clara brought made this a truly positive and rewarding experience for me to teach these young students, would be happy to do this again in the future.”

– Shan Huang
Third year General Surgery Resident, NYMC Metropolitan Hospital.

“Teaching kids how to make movies was one of the most memorable experiences in my life. With no prior experience, they were able to plan, shoot and edit a scene from 12 Angry Men. Their enthusiasm and curiosity was infectious, and I would do it again any day!”

– Rakesh Chaudhary
Technologist & Filmmaker

“I thoroughly enjoyed engaging with the students and to see those moments of a-ha as we talked through different personality types. It was fascinating to see the stark contrasts in the unrestrained personalities of the kids. Personally, it was a very rewarding experience preparing for the games in the sessions and researching materials to put together a captivating story!”

– Dhruv Vatsal
Management Consultant, McKinsey & Company