lead a session

Sample session


Rakesh Chaudhary, an expert in technology and a budding documentarian conducted a high intensity, packed session on Videography for 15 students from The Mott Hall School. Students were amazed that in a period of just three hours, they were able to set a scene, shoot it, and edit it to create a professional looking video clip with basic technology requirements.

Rakesh split the students into four different teams – actors, set managers, directors, and camera people. While the actors memorized and rehearsed a scene from 12 Angry Men, with the help of one of the directors, the set designers created the set with props, and the camera crew coordinated with the directors and the set designers to agree on the angles for shooting the scene.

After multiple takes of the scene from different angles, all the students regrouped to edit the scene using iMovies. Rakesh helped them understand how footage from different angles can be spliced together to create a crisp two minute clip.

Students realized that while acting is the most visible part of any video, there are so many other interesting roles that help to make a good video. One girl definitely found her inner Director’s voice, while another discovered that she loved being the camera person.